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Your outlook can make a huge impact on your first impression, your confidence and even performance – after all, enough time is spent in interacting with people. How about you look the part just at the touch of a button! Call on us and we will fix a bad hair day for you.

Services For Every Occasion

Our services cut across… …

Wedding Makeup

Nailing the perfect wedding makeup look for your special day is our work. So many styles, choices and beauty trends to choose from. We will guide you to the most beautiful makeup styles.

Party Makeup

We gathered the best party makeup inspiration that are trending straight from the red carpet - all incentive enough to RSVP yes so you have someplace to show them off.

Fashion Makeup

Fashion is a bust you get to practice your smoky eye skills. Even if you're not the glitter makeup or red lipstick type, there are plenty of metallics, mattes, and brights for you to work with.


Photography makeup is different from day to day makeup because that front-facing camera can be a real jerk...worry not for we got you covered.

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Priced Beauty Solutions

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Hair Cuts

Women's Haircut ------------------- $95+
Stylist Haircut ------------------------ $55+
Teen's Haircut ------------------------ $85+
Childern's Haircut ------------------- $40+

Make Up

Regular Makeup -------------------- $95+
Quick Fix Makeup ------------------ $55+
Just Eyes ------------------------------- $35+
Bridal Trial --------------------------- $100+


Single Process -------------------- $70+
L'Oreal Color ------------------------- $95+
Full Highlights -------------------- $135+
Half Highlights --------------------- $80+

Experience top-notch Barber & Salon Services.

Clean Nail Art

We personalize for you the nail art and fingernails to reveal more about your unique, individual personality traits.

Hair Styling

Whatever the occasion we have the inspiration you need to style your hair. Our talented and professional hairstylists know every trick there is to make your hair look fantastic.

Full Body Massage

Our full body massage is a wonderful way to help a you get rid of stress and sore muscles. It is also a good way of helping two people become more intimate.

Fully Equipped Spa

Come relax and be rejuvenated in our spas. Enjoy a spa treatment alone, with your partner or with your girlfriends. Our indulgent treatments will restore the body's natural equilibrium. We offer a wide range of treatments to leave you feeling rejuvenated.

Fully Stocked Cosmetic Store

Our shop is home of quality makeup, skin care and hair care products. We help women across East Africa to buy genuine products. Shop all our products here.

Authorized Botox & Filler

Our Botox services freeze muscles to help minimize appearance of lines and wrinkles caused by facial expressions. Our dermal fillers add fullness to your face, regaining plump, youthfulness and add lift.

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Get free mink strip lashes fixing with our bridal make-up package.

Pre Wedding Photo-shoot
On Wedding Day
Honeymoon Special

Tips on keeping it glam as you honeymoon