Laundry Services

Your Favorite garment Care.

We have set the standards for professional and a reference point for garment care. 

Our specialized team is dedicated to making your clothes and linen look and feel the best it can be. When customers experience our services, they experience quality and stay with us for generations.


Item Pricelist (Ksh)
2piece Suit 250
Kaunda Suit 300
Tie 30
Kids Suit 250
School Blazer 150
Dress 250
Trouser 150
White/Creamcoat 300
Coat 150
Jacket 250
Trench Coat(Short) 350
Trench Coat(Long) 350
Sued/Leather Jacket 800
Plain Skirt 150
Pleated Skirt 200
Baby Jacket 100
Baby Dress 100
Curtains Per Kg 200
Sheers Per Kg 200
Bed Cover King Size 300
Item Pricelist (Ksh)
Bed Cover Queen Size 200
Bed Cover Small 150
Matress Cover 300
Sleeping Bag 500
Blanket(King) 400
Blanket(Queen) 300
Small Blanket 200
Duvet King 650
Duvet Queen 600
Small Duvet 400
Pillows 150
Hat 100
God Father 100
Load Wash (7kgs And Below Wash & Fold) 700
Graduation Gown 600
Shirt 100
Teddy Bear Large 500
Teddy Bear Medium 300
Buibui 200
Item Pricelist (Ksh)
Kanzu 300
Kurta Suit 300
Sari Suit 400
Punjabi Suit 400
Tshirt 50
Socks 20
Undergarments 30
Track Suit 300
Sweater 150
Vest 50
Wedding Dress(Princess) 1500
Wedding Dress(Straight) 1000
Brides Maid Dresses 500
Top/Blouse 100
Bathrobes 100
Facetowels 20
Skirting Per Kg 150
Table Cloth 1pc 50
Table Napkin 1pc 30
Table Tops 1pc 50

Why Us

Hassle Free

We pick from your door, clean and deliver right back to your door-step well cleaned

Eco Friendly

We use superior eco-friendly detergent and solvents to make your fabric smell wonderful.

Eye to detail

We ensure all dust, dirt, grit, and allergens are removed from your clothes.


Our well trained staff apply a quality assurance checklist for each job.

We use pure, natural solvent which is safe to use with all fabrics. Dirt and stains are gently cleaned away leaving your clothes wonderfully soft to touch.

Certified Products

Our natural solvent doesn't chemically interact with your fabric, so there's no unpleasant odor with the cleaning process. Your clothes will smell really fresh.

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